Celeste is the Gigglin Marlin’s resident traveler, which means she is usually somewhere around the globe at any given time, so if you catch her in the GMD pool or Lake 288, be sure to ask about her latest adventure! She has been a recreational diver for 20+ years and has recently taken the plunge into the deep end of the pool, to become a PADI Instructor! Celeste is actively pursuing her Master Scuba Diver Trainer certification, as prior to becoming a PADI professional, as a recreational diver, she achieved her Master Scuba Diver Certification, which she recognizes over the years of diving has enhanced her skills and left her well prepared to handle a variety of underwater environments all around the world. Celeste is an advocate of furthering your dive skills, whether a newly certified open water diver, a Seal Team member, or a PADI Pro, there is always more to learn to improve your diving experience!

If you can get Celeste to identify a single place she likes to dive, please come and tell us!!! We’ve not heard her name a single favorite; it is always… “I like here for this” followed by, “I like there for that, what are you looking for???” Talk to her, and you will see… She loves the Maldives for its soft corals, currents and big animal encounters, like spotted eagle rays, Napoleon Wrasse and oceanic whitetip sharks. She adores Indonesia for its biodiversity, from the macro of the nudibranchs, squat lobsters, and pygmy seahorses to the large inhabitants, the Mantas and Mola-Molas! The Middle East holds its charms, and Celeste has seen the florescent green/yellow whip corals, the violet soft corals and hypnotic movements of the yellow edged eels off the Musandam peninsula, Oman. If you prefer something closer to home, Celeste is an avid diver in the Caribbean, from the Cenotes of the Yucatan, to the shore dives in Bonaire, to the Wreck of the Rhone in the British Virgin Islands; she can probably suggest a locale to suit your diving desires! Celeste tends to prefer tropical water, but the lure of the new has brought her to the temperate waters of the California coast to dive the kelp forests, laugh at the antics of the seals, and fend off the Garibaldi damselfish, a rather large, cute, orange creature, which is very territorial! With all her travels Celeste logs 20-50 dives per trip (weekend excursions excluded) and does 4 to 6 week or two long trips per year. If you’re not in the water, the chances of running into this mermaid are slim, unless it’s during the surface interval!

Celeste believes her dive computer is a fashion accessory! So, she is likely to have a permanent white stripe around her left wrist, if you catch her not wearing her computer! Celeste is a bit of a scuba gear junkie, and loves new gear’s arrival like Christmas morning!!! Although, like us all, we have those one or two pieces that are like a warm blanket! Chat her up about her gear, and she’ll get you all set!

Celeste became an instructor because she wants to share the underwater world with people, because she believes that people protect the things they love, and that the ocean needs our help. She has always loved the water, swimming in the Great Lakes as a child, but the first ocean open water dive, where you can see easily 100-ft, watch the vibrant shimmering schools of tropical fish, against a backdrop of colorful corals and sponges, while the water surrounds you and allows you to be “weightless”, was when her true love began. She supports Project Aware, the Coral Reef Alliance, and coral restoration programs. She participates in beach and reef clean-ups around the world, and unless it’s a marine protected area, usually comes back with a pocket full of trash from any dive, barring of course, the glass bottles that an animal is using as habitat.