I have been diving since Jr. High School (~14 years old). It was our family activity as I was growing up along the New England coast, particularly around Rockport Massachusetts.  I just passed my PADI Divemaster certification.  Thus I am new to teaching.  I have logged about 79 dives.

I like sea life. I enjoy diving diverse aquatic environments, warm or cold. Lobstering around Rockport was a lot of fun and I made lots of friends doing that! Rig diving in the GOM is cool. There are lots of sharks on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. Wreck diving in Key Largo is awesome!

I get a lot of satisfaction in helping new divers overcome common difficulties like equalizing and mask clearing.

I like the feeling of weightlessness with good buoyancy. The nightlife on the reef is fan-tasmic! The aquatic world is incredibly diverse.

I am very comfortable diving. The PADI DM program at Gigglin’ Marlin refined my recreational diving skills up to a professional level.

My first goal is to get my family scuba diving more. My net goal is to help beginner divers become comfortable in the aquatic environment.

I have a degree in MS ChEng from Rutgers U., Boston University.  I am currently retired.

I am involved in the community and church.  I volunteer with Houston Strong & Loving Kids.  Second Baptist Church is my church home.

I am learning Spanish. I grew up in a bilingual French-English home.

My wife is a beginner diver PADI OW. My three adult children have mixed opinions about my diving passion. One wants to learn.The other two are not ready.