Mustafa was a first class diver with the Turkish Navy for 14 years before moving to Houston. During his career, he trained Turkish Navy divers for scuba and surface supply dive operations, including preparing the curriculums, teaching lessons in the class and conducting diving exercises. He was also stationed on a submarine rescue ship, where he conducted surface supplied air dives, surface supplied mixed gas (HeO2) diving, and Trimix diving; and was responsible for recompression chamber operations, submarine rescue chamber operations, and underwater cutting and welding. He also has experience as an Atmospheric Diving System technician. His job with the Navy allowed him to dive all over the world, including in Spain, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Jordan, Egypt, and the US, where he trained with the US Navy.

Mustafa has an MBA from Bahcesehir University. He turned his final MBA project into a reality when he started a boutique hotel on an island in Turkey; a diver’s paradise. He has also published an article on dive computer selection. When he is not diving, Mustafa enjoys riding his motorcycle and his road bike, traveling with his wife, wine tasting and reading.

  • Open Water Scuba Instructor – PADI
  • VIP Inspector  – Scuba Diving International
  • Nitrox Blender – TDI/PADI
  • Kirby Morgan Helmet & Band Mask Operator – Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc.
  • Commercial Air Diver Part 2 – ADAS (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme)
  • Subarctic Environment Diving – Swedish Armed Forces, Sweden
  • Remotely Operated Vehicle Technician – GATE Electronic, Ankara
  • Side Scan Sonar System Course – Klein Associates, Inc., Salem, USA
  • Bell/Sat Dive Supervisor – ADCI, Houston, USA
  • Mix Gas Diving Supervisor – ADCI, Houston, TX, USA
  • Mixed Gas Diving Supervisor – ADCI, Houston, TX, USA
  • Submarine Rescue Chamber Operator – Navy Training Center, Istanbul, Turkey
  • International Diver Course – Navy Training Center, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Trimix Diving Course – Navy Training Center, Panama City, FL, USA
  • CMAS 1* Instructor – TSSF, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Atmospheric Diving Suit Technician – Navy Training Center, Istanbul, Turkey
  • First Class Diving Course – Navy Training Center, Istanbul, Turkey