Ron “The Ice Cream Man” Clark loves his ice cream. You will often find him scoping out the nearest creamery at any dive destination. Gio’s in Bonaire is high on his list. Ron was Open Water certified in 1980, Divemaster in 2008, Master Instructor in 2013 and a certified Technical Diver in 2010. Ron teaches new divers along with multiple specialties through PADI/TDI/SDI including Solo/Self Reliant diver, Intro to Tech and several additional Distinctive Specialties.

Ron enjoys deep diving, wreck penetration and the planning involved with visiting these sites. Ron says, “the geography, underwater life and planning when diving beyond 130fsw always puts a smile on my face”. His favorite dive sites include Bonaire, Cozumel, Roatan, Flower Gardens and the CVA-34 USS Oriskany in Florida.

Ron’s hobbies include gardening, hunting, custom reloading and cats.

Yes, Ron enjoys his cats, of course he has been married to Gigglin’ Marlin employee Barb for 32 years.