May 2015 Grand Cayman Cobalt Coast Resort, ISC Pathfinder

Suzanne has been a certified diver since 1986 and recently started on the journey of becoming a PADI Dive Professional achieving the rank of Divemaster in June 2017.  Suzanne hopes to achieve full instructor certification with Gigglin’ Marlin in the near future.  She looks forward to sharing her love and passion for diving into the other 70% of Earth’s environment with those new to the sport of diving and those continuing their education.

Before pursuing her dive professional certifications, Suzanne earned a number of recreational and technical diving certifications up to and including trimix open circuit and closed-circuit rebreather certifications.  Despite 30+ years of dive certification, Suzanne has “only” logged about 800 dives in many locations around the globe.  She has dived Cocos Islands, Socorro, Florida Keys, Texas Flower Garden Banks, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Belize, Cozumel, Maldives, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia including Sipadan, Ambon, Sulawesi, and Lembeh Straits, Truk Lagoon, Malapascua and Coron Bay in Philippines, Singapore, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Australia, and Greece.  Suzanne most enjoys shipwreck diving and diving with large pelagics including mantas, sharks, dolphins, and whales.  Her favorite was an hour long dive clinging to a rock on the edge of a manta cleaning station near Bandos Resort in Maldives watching an endless parade of mantas with 30+ foot wingspans circle about.

Suzanne has Bachelor of Science from Clemson University, Master of Science and PhD from the “other” UT in Knoxville, Tennessee, all in Chemical Engineering.  Dr. Suz funds her diving hobby working for Chevron since 1991 as a strategist and specialist in all things about crude oil and its refining. She has over 25 years of experience working around the US (northern and southern CA, Mississippi, Texas) and the world (Greece, Kuwait, and Singapore).

When she’s not diving or working, Suzanne enjoys staying fit for diving through swimming, cycling, jogging, and strength training.  Suzanne is a lifelong water enthusiast starting with competitive swimming at age 5.  She retired from active competition in 2004. Before that, she competed in swim meets, triathlons, running races from 5K to marathons and ultramarathons, for almost 40 years.  In addition to her diving certifications, Suzanne is also a certified United States Masters Swimming (USMS)  Level 2 Coach and Adult Learn to Swim (ALTS) instructor.

2012 Seven Skies wreck South China Sea from Singapore, rEvo with trimix, sadly this dive is no longer possible as illegal salvers have taken nearly all of Seven Skies from site of sinking

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