1. Receive your regulators on a properly filled out work order.
  2. Enter your regulators into the service logs.
  3. Place your regulators into a clean work bin.
  4. Visually inspect all of regulators, SPG, and all hoses.
  5. Perform an incoming bench check on your regulator to evaluate performance and determine operational condition, log results on the work order form.
  6. Diagram your regulator configuration prior to teardown to ensure proper reassembly.
  7. Separate 1st stage, 2nd stage(s), SPG and all hoses from each other.
  8. Inspect all hoses and hose O-rings.
  9. Remove O-rings and ultra-sonically clean hose ends as needed.
  10. Replace any worn out hose O-rings as needed.
  11. Remove the boot from your SPG or console and inspect your SPG, swivel and hose.
  12. Clean and replace SPG components as needed.
  13. Fully disassemble your 1st stage regulator.
  14. Inspect and replace any of your worn or damaged 1st stage parts prior to cleaning. (All replacement parts are hand inspected prior to installation on your regulator.)
  15. Place all your metal 1st stage parts in our ultra sonic cleaner.
  16. Completely clean all metal 1st stage parts with ultra sonic cleaner solution.
  17. Completely clean all 1st stage plastic, rubber, and silicon parts by hand.
  18. Fully disassemble your 2nd stage regulator(s).
  19. Inspect and replace any of your worn or damaged 2nd stage parts prior to cleaning.
  20. Place all your metal 2nd stage parts in our ultra sonic cleaner.
  21. Completely clean all your metal 2nd stage parts with ultra sonic cleaner solution.
  22. Completely clean all 2nd stage plastic, rubber, and silicone parts by hand.
  23. Carefully inspect your 2nd stage mouthpieces and your inhalation diaphragms for any damage or wear.
  24. Check your 2nd stage regulator body for any visible cracks.
  25. Clean all parts to be NITROX compatible to 40%.
  26. Assemble your 1st stage regulator using Oxygen compatible lubricant.
  27. Assemble your 2nd stage regulator(s) using Oxygen compatible lubricant.
  28. Reassemble your complete regulator to match your initial configuration.
  29. Thoroughly break in your new high-pressure seat on our seat break in machine.
  30. Thoroughly bench test your regulator on our test bench and set both the Intermediate Pressure and the 2nd stage Cracking Effort to the manufacturer’s specifications, or to your specified custom settings.
  31. Visually confirm there are no visible leaks using a leak detection fluid.
  32. Ensure all valves are properly seated and regulator is delivering gas.
  33. Log your bench test result on the work order form.
  34. Complete your warranty paperwork if applicable.
  35. Bill you for any parts used and all labor charges.
  36. Show all old parts to you.
  37. Show you the results of the out-going bench test of your regulator.