2018 Flower Gardens Trips

Come dive the Northernmost coral reefs in the Gulf of Mexico with Gigglin’ Marlin. Some trips will have a GMD Trip Leader; however, we can book any trip that The Fling offers. Boat departs from Freeport on the night before the trip date. Arrive at 7:00 pm for check-in & early boarding at 7:30 pm. The boat returns to Freeport around 6:00 pm on Sunday.

2018 dates – Primary Dates

August 2-5 (4 day weekend: Thur-Sun) – Coral Spawn #1

August 9-10 (2 day weekday: Thu-Fri) – Stetson/Kraken Only

September 1-4 (4 day weekend: Sat – Tues) – Labor Day Weekend & Coral Spawn #2

September 22-23 (2 day weekend: Sat-Sun)

October 6-7 (2 day weekend: Sat-Sun)

October 20-21 (2 day weekend: Sat-Sun)

Additional Dates Added:

July 23-25 (3 day weekday:  Mon-Tues-Wed)

July 30-Aug 1 (3 day weekday:  Mon-Tues-Wed)

August 23-24 (2 day weekday:  Thur-Fri) – Stetson/Kraken Only

October 13-14 (2 day weekend:  Sat-Sun)

2018 pricing

2 Day Weekday (air only): $535.00 Reserve Now

2 Day Weekend (air only): $585.00  Reserve Now

3 Day Weekday (air only): $685.00 Reserve Now

3 Day Weekend (air only): $700.00  Reserve Now

4 Day Weekend (air only): $880.00 Reserve Now

Full payment is due at time of booking.

Trip Cancellation Policy – Once you book the trip, the space is yours, no refunds.  However, if the trip cancels due to weather, then you can get a full refund or roll your money to another available date.