Athens Scuba Park

Zane Bennett   Feb 05, 2024

Like a movie set from “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” Athens Scuba Park furnishes unique backdrops for photographers and an underwater playground that will captivate divers young and old. Whether you’re taking part in a regularly scheduled underwater treasure hunt or navigation race, investigating the engines and cockpit of a sunken airplane, or pulling yourself through the cabin of singer Ray Price’s first tour bus, the park offers a full menu of underwater eye candy. The 33 underwater attractions are all conveniently marked with buoys.

Don’t expect to see any aquatic life in this bizarre manmade landscape, however: Fish can’t survive in the low pH of this spring-fed quarry. Complete with nine entry docks, a new outdoor heated spa, swimming pool and camping facilities, Athens Scuba Park is a popular site for skills training and checkout dives. The lake is open on weekends from mid-March to September. Visit for more information.

  • Location: Athens
  • Depth: 25 – 35 feet
  • Visibility: 20 – 60 feet
  • Temperature: 50 – 90 degrees
  • Fees/Admission: $25/person, $5 air fills
  • Outfitter: Full-service dive shop on site, (903) 675-5762
  • Helpful Hint: Watch those fins! Kicking up silt from the bottom will quickly hinder visibility.

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