Gear Rentals

When you need Rental Gear we have you covered. 

Offering you a full selection of the BEST available, including WEIGHT INTEGRATED BCD's (Jacket or Back Inflate styles) for you to choose from.  Top Performance SCUBA REGULATORS including SCUBAPRO MK25's with full 3 Guage Instrument Consoles & Safe 2nd stage Octo's.  We also offer rechargable, easy-to-use, Cosmiq+ Dive Computers with all the features you could want, Tanks, Dry & Wet-Suits, Hoods & Gloves.

Also available - Technical Dive Gear Rentals including Oxygen Clean Regulators, Stage bottle kits & Doubles.


Whatever your equipment rental needs, Gigglin’ Marlin Divers’ Rental Department can help.


All available at fair rental prices.   Discounts for weekly rentals

Gas Fills

  • Modified Grade E- HyperClean AIR Fills
  • NITROX Fills
  • TRIMIX Fills
  • O2 Fills

                                                            Click here to check out our state of the art fill system!

Tank Rentals

  • Aluminum 40’s, 63’s, 80’s, 100’s & ponys
  • Steel - LP 72’s, 108, HP 120’s & 130’s.
  • Oxygen Clean AL 40 cu ft. Deco Stage tanks with rigging.

Tec Diving Gear Rentals

  • Doubles
  • H-Valves
  • Tec Harness
  • Side Mount Harness
  • Slings & Deco Bottles
  • O2 Clean Regulators
  • Tec Fins
  • Lift Bags
  • Tec Computers
  • Dry Suit


  • Scooter ($100 deposit / Lanyard Required)
  • Camera
  • Photo Lighting / Strobe
  • Dive Lights
  • Spear Guns
  • Dive Trip Rentals
  • BCD
  • Regulator & Instruments
  • Computer (Nitrox)
  • Wetsuit (Per piece)
  • Weights/Wt Belt

It’s always better to rent your life support equipment from somewhere that you know and trust, and has kept the gear serviced, especially since our rentals never costs more than the resorts.

Requirements to Rent Equipment:

  • You MUST have a VALID certification card to rent Tanks, Regulators and BCD’s.
  • 18 years of age with a photo ID OR be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 and their signature is needed in addition to yours.
  • Completed and signed Rental Agreement
  • Credit card on file for security
  • Payment in full
  • Equipment returned within (1) day of the rental due date or additional fees will apply.

Recreational Rentals – 50% OFF for Platinum Club Members

25% OFF Tec Rentals for Platinum Club Members

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