Comal River

Zane Bennett   Feb 05, 2024

At less than two miles long, the spring-fed Comal holds the title of the world’s shortest river. But with an abundance of fish species, three dive areas (upper, middle and lower), and moneymaking opportunities to boot, the Comal proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. The upper Comal, which lies along Hinman Island at Landa Park, is not diveable on weekends, as tubers frequent this area heavily, decreasing visibility. The middle Comal is accessible from the North Seguin Bridge. Exit at Coll Street Bridge, or continue into the lower Comal, the longest and the deepest part of the river. It provides the best diving, and may take more than an hour to complete.

In addition to encounters with catfish, bass, perch and carp, diving the Comal River can be a lucrative experience. The river bottom, consisting of white limestone slabs and silt, is often dotted with money, sunglasses and jewelry from tubers, especially near the shoots.

  • Location: New Braunfels
  • Depth: 15 feet
  • Visibility: 5 – 35 feet
  • Temperature: 72 degrees year-round
  • Fees/Admission: Free
  • Outfitter: Air Fills, The Dive Shop, San Marcos
  • Helpful Hint: When diving the lower Comal, be sure to get out the end of Coll Street (the last public exit), or you’ll free-fall over a small dam farther downstream.

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