Flower Garden Banks

Zane Bennett   Feb 05, 2024

A marine garden of spectacular coral and brilliantly colored sponges, the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary beckons divers on a two-day, eight-dive journey through Texas’ backyard Caribbean reefs.

The Flower Garden Banks allow divers to explore more than 400 acres of coral reefs perched atop mountainous salt domes. The reefs host more than 250 species of fish, 375 invertebrates and 125 marine algae. Frequently sighted in this unspoiled wilderness are manta and spotted eagle rays, octopuses, loggerhead sea turtles, hammerhead and silky sharks and, if you are really lucky, a whale shark. For the venturesome, transparent waters mean incredible night dives, allowing divers to see tiny crustaceans and other critters that emerge from the dark to feed under the safety of darkness.

Lodging, meals and air refills are provided on most charters, but divers must bring their own gear. The saline level of the water is high, so additional weights are recommended. The Flower Garden Banks are recommended for advanced divers only.

  • Location: 110 miles off Freeport
  • Depth: 60 – 100 feet
  • Visibility: 50 – 100+ feet
  • Temperature: 65 – 85 degrees
  • Fees/Admission: Free to enter the sanctuary; trip fees vary depending on number of days, no user fee charged to boat owners.
  • Outfitter: Trips must be arranged through dive shops. Call us to book any time the boat is running and we can book it!  281-445-DIVE (3483)
  • Helpful Hint: The Gulf seas can be rough, so unless you’re confident your sailor’s legs are up to the test, anti-nausea medications or devices are recommended.


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