Gulf Trips - Oil Rigs

Zane Bennett   Feb 05, 2024

Hundreds of offshore oil rigs that dot the Texas Coast serve as great venues for exploring the most abundant vertical reef communities in the Gulf of Mexico. Come face-to-face with a variety of fascinating marine life, including flounder, amberjack, angelfish, sponges and coral. Divers with more adventurous spirits will look forward to encounters with barracudas and sharks, especially from February to April, when hundreds of hammerheads migrate through the area.

Ever tried fishing underwater? The rigs are excellent sites for spearfishing, but shock lines and stainless-steel cable are recommended, since barnacles, which cover almost every inch of the offshore structure, can sever nylon. Varying in depth and visibility, depending on their distance from shore, the oil rigs host many attractive and unusual underwater species that can easily deter your spatial awareness. Always maintain a reference point throughout your dive.

  • Location: Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Freeport, Galveston, Corpus Christi
  • Depth: 30 – 150 feet
  • Visibility: up to 100 feet
  • Temperature: 60 – 85 degrees
  • Fees/Admission: varies with outfitter
  • Outfitter: Contact Gigglin’ Marlin for our next trip! 281-445-3483
  • Helpful Hint: Coastal and offshore nongame spearfishing requires a fishing license and saltwater stamp. For more information, call Texas Parks and Wildlife at (800) 792-1112.