The Blue Lagoon

Zane Bennett   Feb 05, 2024

The spring-fed, sparkling blue waters of The Blue Lagoon provide a tropical experience in a not-so-tropical place. Located near Huntsville amid the towering pines of East Texas, The Blue Lagoon’s lack of vegetation and fish are perhaps the only factors missing from a true Caribbean experience – besides piña coladas and reggae bands, that is. The only species to observe is the dragonfly nymph, which looks and acts like shrimp.

Divers can enjoy night navigation, practice underwater photography and explore sunken boats and an airplane in one of its two limestone quarries. Ten underwater platforms, which help reduce disturbance of the silty bottom, make The Blue Lagoon one of the most popular training facilities in Texas. The Blue Lagoon is open daily April through September, and on weekends during other months. Hours vary, so call ahead.

  • Location: Five miles north of Huntsville
  • Depth: 15 – 35 feet
  • Visibility: 5 – 60 feet
  • Temperature: 55 – 90 degrees
  • Fees/Admission: $17/diver, $17/non-diver, $5/children under 10  yrs, $8 air fills, cash only
  • Outfitter: Be sure to join us for our Blue Lagoon Campouts!  See our Marlin Dive Team Calendar at
  • Helpful Hint: The Blue Lagoon is crowded on weekends, so go during the week for better diving and increased visibility.

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