• SDI Scubility Adaptive Diving

SDI Scubility Adaptive Diving

Gigglin’ Marlin is proud to announce our partnership with LifeWaters Scuba: a program designed to help improve the lives of physically or mentally disabled by offering Discover Scuba Diving and SDI (Scuba Diving International) Scubility Program Certifications as part of recreational water therapy. 

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LifeWaters offers different services depending on your needs, desires, and skill level. We believe everyone can experience the beauty, serenity, and joy that diving can provide whether that is through our amputee scuba diving, disabled veteran scuba diving, quad para scuba training, blind diver training, or other scuba diving programs.  We have the experience and passion help you succeed!

Women Veterans Make a Splash!

Discover Scuba Diving is for those interested in possibly becoming open water certified, but want “try before you buy.” Divers will get to dive underwater with real scuba gear and experience what it’s like to breathe underwater!

For more information go to our Scubility DSD page!

SDI Scubility Open Water Diver Certification:  this entry-level certification course is designed to give physically or mentally disabled students the necessary skills to conduct open water dives in conditions similar to their training without the direct supervision of an instructor.  For more information go to our SDI Scubility Open Water Diver Certification page

SDI Scubility Dive Buddy Program is  designed to develop the knowledge and skills for an individual to effectively perform as a dive buddy for a physical disabled diver.  Go to our SDI Scubility Dive Buddy Program page for more information!

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