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Swim Lessons

We offer swimming lessons starting at 6 months of age to adult and from beginner to advanced. Whether you have no swimming skills at all or if you simply need to improve your skills, we can help you! Each swim student is placed into a class based on their age and ability.

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"I started learning how to swim at Gigglin’ Marlin by my instructor Omar Aquil, and now I am swimming competitively throughout the city in the state of Texas." - Georgia M.




Monthly Lesson Pricing

Swim Lessons are sold by the month. The initial payment consists of payment for the current month (may be pro-rated if starting mid-month) and the following full month. Classes are from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Monday through Friday and each lesson is 30 minutes long. $29 per lesson. For example, if there are 5 Fridays, you will pay $145 for the month, etc.

1 lesson per week: $116 with autopay – This is for 4 lessons

2 lessons per week: $232 with autopay

3 lessons per week: $348 with autopay

Private swim lessons: $59.00 per lesson.

Annual Registration Fee: $49.00 for the first year and $25.00 for every subsequent year

When you sign up, you will pay the registration and the prorated amount for that month. The regular monthly swim lesson payments are run on the 20th of the month prior. For example, Aug 20 payments are for Sept Swim Lessons. We do not have any contracts. If you want to discontinue Swim Lessons, please notify us prior to the 20th, otherwise, you will be charged and there are no refunds, only credits for future use.

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